Romanian splendor

Brasov/Bucharest, Romania, 15-30 degrees Celsius

After our short detour in northern Romania, we resumed traveling towards the south. First stop was Brasov, a nice city, although we believe it does not live up to the expectations set by the travel guides. We visited the Black church and its collection of old Persian rugs….. yep that’s right, not much adventure there…  Later that day we stumbled upon a true Romanian rarity; a raw vegan restaurant. The food turned out to be really creative and well prepared. We can highly recommend the raw veggie burger with cold, radish fries.
Starter relay replacement Next morning Paul’s bike decided that it needed a day off and refused to start.  Close inspection by us and the friendly, local BMW dealer revealed that the starter relay was toasted…. Bad news. A  couple of hours later we finally got the bike at the local Yamaha dealer… located in a scruffy, well hidden shed. The replacement part was found within a hour and we were in business again.
Bran castle After a few rainy days (yes we have them too..), we crawled out of our tent and visited one of the most well-preserved ‘ Dracula’ castles: Bran castle. It is still owned by the former Romanian royal family, but is open for the public. It is a lovely, Efteling-like castle, although the information boards mainly refer to the accomplishments of the royal family, instead of the castle itself and the surroundings were filled with ugly tourist shops.

Transfagaran road II Next on our list was the Transfagaran road, once a prestige project issued by Ceausescu, nowadays a scenic mountain pass with excellent bends, perfect for bikers (and Top Gear). The northern approach is beautiful, but the road was a little bit tricky since recently melted ice water was flowing freely across the tarmac. The southern road is much easier and has even more stunning scenery, like the reservoir lake and dam.

People's palace We concluded our Ceausescu tour by visiting Bucharest, including the immense People’s palace. Here we gazed at the gold, marble, decorated wooden panels and enormous passageways, conference and reception rooms. Humbled we returned to our small cabin at the campsite, in the northern part of the city, looking back on a lovely few weeks in Romania.


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5 Responses to Romanian splendor

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  2. Shirley says:

    Great to see another new blog on here! Looking forward to reading all about your tea thosthgu. Pics would be great too, let us know if you need any help with anything! J.

  3. Cecile says:

    Geweldig met foto’s! En zo grappig om te zien dat jullie op zeldzaam prachtige plaatsen van de wereld poseren met HELM! (voordat wij dan aandacht hebben voor de achtergrond zijn we vooral aan t turen of we naar Hassan of naar Fatima kijken). Zo fijn om te lezen dat het jullie goed gaat en dankzij een nieuwe toepassing op deze site kunnen we zelfs op een kaartje bijhouden waar jullie rijden.
    Mocht je het spannend vinden om te weten wat er in huize Bouw gebeurt vanavond: the voice of Holland is on (haha….. Geniet dus van alle avonturen daar!)
    Liefs, Cecile

  4. Jan en Paula says:

    We volgen met plezier jullie belevenissen. Fijn om te horen dat het jullie goed gaat. De motorfietsen doen het gelukkig goed en anders is er hulp. Geniet van het avontuur. liefs Paula en Jan.

  5. Ria says:

    toch fijn dat er altijd nog een plaatsje is waar gerepareerd kan worden, met ‘t juiste onderdeel. I geniet van de foto’s die tussen de tekst geplakt is, krijg zo een goed beeld van jullie reis. Misschien doen je later een gecorrigeerde reisgids samenstellen? Geniet voor nou!!! Ria S

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