About Us

Here we would like to introduce ourselves and explain how our idea for a RTW motor trip started.

marlieke_baby2 I was born about 30 years ago in Breda, the Netherlands and grew up in a small nearby town together with my older sister. As a child, my parents always took me and my sister camping in Europe. During the weekends my dad sometimes took me for a ride on his BMW. I did judo, enjoyed inline skating and playing in the marliekedriewieler2 woods. In 1999, I moved to  Nijmegen to study Biomedical Health sciences. During this period I discovered the joy of mountainbiking, photography and traveling to other continents.
After finishing my studies I worked as an epidemiologist at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. In 2007, I got the opportunity to start as a PhD-student and in July 2012 I will finalize my training and receive my PhD degree. After spending a little too much time behind a computer for so many years, I felt time was right for a different adventure.


wandelwagen  I was born in Rijen, a small village in the South of the Netherlands about 30 years ago. I am the last born and had the privilege to grow up with three maternal role models (my mother and two sisters) and one loving dad. When I was young I enjoyed hockey (goalie) and later started road cycling (though not very fast). vouwwagen My parents instilled nomadic traveling in me by taking the whole family on camper trips throughout Europe. We never slept in the same place twice.
After high school I studied Artifical Intelligence and Business Administration in Nijmegen. For the past six years I worked as a business analyst. A nice and engaging job, however, I did spend a lot of time behind a computer. After dreaming about a round the world trip for many years, I decided time had come to realise these plans.

The trip
ks750 When we became a couple at high school our first trip was a backpacking trip along the Clevelandway in Northern England. There we spotted an old Zündap KS750 and we started dreaming what it would be like to travel around the world on a motorcycle. After that first holiday, we spend several summer holidays traveling by foot, bike and car, visiting different countries and continents.
dsc_0134 During our previous travels we really enjoyed the slow traveling, since it intensifies your exposure to the local people and culture. However, we realised we wanted more: more time, more freedom and more places. A bicycle would be a little too slow for that purpose, a car would feel too isolated. Hence we decided to get our motorcycle licence and (after quite some lessons) became the proud owners of two Yamaha XT600E’s. [Pictures: Our first test trip to Mont Saint Michel, France]
dsc_0143 When the date of the PhD defence was set we really started planning our trip. Since the best things in life are free and come unannounced, we wanted to keep our travels as flexible and spontanous as possible. So we only roughly planned the first leg of our journey that will lead us in the direction of Nepal. We will take our tent, so we will also be flexible about where to spend the night. Since we both quitted our jobs there are no time restrictions either! Ready to hit the road!