A day at the beach

Varna/Sozopol, Bulgaria, 34 degrees Celsius

Donau crossing at Silistra We cross the Donau at Silistra, expecting to be arriving in Bulgaria, our sixth country. But where is border control? After a few kilometers, we take a look at the map and a kind Romanian stops to help us out. Turns out we missed a right turn through a very inconspicuous white gate just a few 100 metres from the ferry. A very kind, blonde customs official welcomes us into Bulgaria, a country with signs in cyrillic…

Duncan showing a bar-trick Roads are much better than in Romania and we manage to ride quite some distance. We arrive in Varna at the Black sea coast at the end of the day, time to find a place to sleep. One campsite seems to be closed, the next campsite is turned into some Russian resort including a fancy spa hotel and we do not feel very welcome. In a nearby restaurant, a couple overhears our conversation with the waiter and steps in. Duncan, originally from Ireland, used to be a fanatic biker and is now living here with his Bulgarian wife. He invites us to stay at his place. We end up having a private room with hot shower, a lovely dinner and some taste of the locally made schnapps. Duncan entertains us with stories about all his great biking adventures as a member of the 59 club (http://www.the59club.org.uk/history.html) and by showing some of his great bar-tricks.

Private beach at the black sea The next day we ride along the coast, where resorts start to pop up everywhere, spoiling the beautiful scenery. Apparently quite some of the resorts are in Russian hands and unfortunately the locals do not really profit. We prefer camping and end up at a crappy campsite near Sozopol, which does have a wonderful private beach. So that is another 19 Lev (5 euros) well spent! We unpack our bathing suits and enjoy a dive into he  Black sea. Later we take a look at the historic town center of Sozopol and have a nice encounter with a Polish-American couple also traveling by motorbike.

Since we did not intend to spend much time in Bulgaria, we head for the Turkish border on our third day in the country. As usual the border area is not the best part of the country: The road is as worse as a paved road can get including tight, blind corners and we have a close encounter with an oncoming local driver. Luckily we have already become accustomed to Eastern European driving skills! One last petrol fill up before we head for the border. Next stop Istanbul!

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5 Responses to A day at the beach

  1. Creotiv says:

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  2. marijn says:

    Haha, volgens mij hebben joost en ik ook op die crappy sozopol camping gestaan…. Stonken de wcs nog steeds zo erg? Wel mooi strandje he! Fijne reis!

  3. Ria says:

    Paul, Marlieke wat weer een belevenis = neem niet te veel risico’s oke?
    Wat een heerlijke temp. wij doen het wel met regen, regen en wind – maar ook af en toe een Zonnetje.
    Snoopy (de vogel) zit op mijn hand dus type ik met 1 hand –
    wel, het gaat jullie goed – Ria S

  4. Simone says:

    Hoi marlieke (sorry paul, even vrouwen onder elkaar),
    Ik zag dat je de beschaving nog niet hebt losgelaten… Wat een keurig gelakte teennagels! Daar kan menige happy camper on tour een voorbeeld aan nemen! Ben benieuwd hoe de pedicure er over anderhalf jaar voor staat.
    Liefs simone

  5. Susan says:

    Lieve Paul en Marlieke,
    Jullie maken ook overal vrienden! Heel leuk om te lezen over jullie verhalen en ontmoetingen. Jullie zitten nu al zo ver weg; normale mensen komen daar alleen per vliegtuig! Geniet van het avontuur, enne…begeef je maar niet te dicht bij de Syrische grens.
    Liefs, ook van Dennis, Jasmijn en Thijmen

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